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The Office of Ethnic Affairs - Young Leaders and Collaborators Programme

Four of the Young Leaders including Fatumata far right Four of the Young Leaders including Fatumata far right

The Office of Ethnic Affairs is the government’s primary source of information and advice about ethnic diversity. Applications were sought by this Office for Auckland-based ethnic youth to join the Young Leaders and Collaborators Programme. 130 youth applied and ten, including AIC Year 13 student  Fatumata Bah, were chosen. 


The aim of the programme is to train and build tomorrow’s ethnic leaders in government. Over the course of a year these ten young people will be given extensive leadership and vocational training including: 


  • advocacy and public speaking
  • machinery of government and diversity training
  • project management and delivery
  • volunteering opportunities
  • media training
  • networking with peers and role models
  • job shadowing opportunities in government departments
  • career guidance.


The Young Leaders group includes ethnicities representing China, Korea, Thailand, India, Sierra Leone (Fatumata!), Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.