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Haruka Ogami

(Veterinary Science) (Veterinary Science) University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

When I first came to AIC, I was not really good at speaking English.  I struggled a lot in classrooms and even after I went back to AIC Tower because I could not communicate with other students well.  I felt miserable, but did not want to run away from it, so I took some action to improve this situation.  Firstly, I tried to stick with non-Japanese students, and learned English from them.  Secondly, I sought advice from teachers for my study.  

The result was successful.  My grades improved dramatically, and I could make lots of friends.  From my experiences in AIC, I can say that it is important to take some actions when you feel you are not doing great on your study or are having problems.  If you leave them for long, they may cause you a lot of problems later on.  There are teachers, friends and your parents who can support you at any time, and I am sure that it is better to share the problems with someone.