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Ngoc Lan Phuong Truong

(BSc (Business Mathematics & Economics)) (BSc (Business Mathematics & Economics)) London School of Economics & Political Science, UK

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is a highly credited programme, and the fact that I was able to complete such a rigorous curriculum proves to any university that I am capable of pursuing their most demanding teaching.

At AIC, I was indulged in the excellent studying resources and facility, and given full support from the very gifted and wholehearted teachers.  Studying with my knowledgeable Economics professor who came from Wales has spared me the initial puzzlement as I entered a UK university and experienced the real British accent for the first time.

The best part of AIC for me is about the people I met.  Studying at an international school such as AIC, I enjoyed the broad exposure to various cultures and ways of thinking, while being able to cultivate a life-time network of friends.

AIC has so far been the best investment I have made towards my education.