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AIC Events Calendar 2018-2019



For whom

Monday 15th October

School starts Term 2

All Year Levels

Monday 15th October

UCAS Regular draft deadline

Year 13 UCAS Regular applicants

Monday 22nd October

Labour Day

Public Holiday - CLOSED

Tuesday 23rd October

HKU deadline. China Early deadline.

Year 13

Wednesday 24th October

PSAT Periods 1-6

 Year 13 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews 3.30-6pm

Mandatory for all Year 11 and Year 12

Year 13 and Parents

Friday 26th & Saturday 27th October

Lang A IOCs in D1-D6 all day Friday and continues on Saturday.

Year 13

Saturday 27th October

ACT (with Essay)

Registered Year 12 and Year 13

Thursday 1st November

UK Admissions Tests periods 1-5 in E1

Main US Early applications deadline

Year 13 students who are registered

 Year 13 

Saturday 3rd November

ONLY SAT subject tests

Registered Year 11, Year 12, Year 13

Wednesday 7th November

Year 11 Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews 3.30-6pm

Year 11 and Parents

Saturday 24th November

Blockhouse Bay Primary School Carnival (more information will follow in due course)

All Year Levels and Parents

Monday 26th November

Extended Essay FINAL due in 1.30pm

All Year 13

Wednesday 28th November

Tip Top Trip from 10.05am-1pm

All Year 11

Friday 30th November

Globe visit (more information to follow)

Year 11

Saturday 1st December

SAT (with Essay) or Subject Tests

Registered Y12

Monday 3rd December

UCAS Regular deadline

Y13 UCAS Regular applicants

Saturday 8th December

Santa Parade in Blockhouse Bay

All Year Levels and Parents.

Friday 14th December

Biology Field trip to the zoo.

Year 13 Biology Students.

Monday 17th December

China Regular & EU Early deadline

Year 13

Friday 21st December

Last day of school

All Year Levels

Monday 24th December

Term 2 school reports sent to parents

All Year Levels