After further consideration and reading the latest documentation from the MOE it is clear that opening on Tuesday is for NCEA and other students in year 11,12,13 to undertake their assessments and their exams and the numbers of students attending should be minimised. 

This is certainly a change from the announcements last week and the clarity I sought at that time. The question now is ‘if you don’t need to open then why would you?’

As a result AIC campus will not open on Tuesday 26th October. All students will continue learning online. 

Mrs Forsyth will make arrangements for the Language A orals to take place in week 3. This will involve the minimum number of students and staff on site at any one time. This fits with the directives from the MOE.

In terms of a new return date we will need to monitor the vaccination programme progress and also when Auckland moves onto the new traffic light system. We will also watch what happens in the schools that have had to open. Please get in touch with any questions.

Please get in touch with any questions.

Mike Parry