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Auckland International College – Boarding

International students who do not live with their parents in New Zealand will either choose to live in the AIC boarding house (based on availability of rooms) or AIC homestay.


The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 requires schools to ensure that students coming to study in New Zealand are safe and properly cared for. Therefore students living in homestay are required to live in AIC homestay only, organised and managed by AIC or AIC’s homestay provider.

AIC Boarding Accommodation

At AIC boarding we aim for students to develop inter-cultural understanding, independence and a sense of community.


AIC boarding is managed with clear guidelines for students. The supervisors who care for the students are from a variety of countries and are a professional and caring group of adults. Several leadership opportunities are available to senior boarders and a house competition is encouraged.


The boarding house facilities include a BBQ area, TV and games room, and a study hall.


Boarding staff supervise prep for students every day.


AIC boarders enjoy a catering system which blends nutritional needs with the dietary preferences of our student population. Our catering team is able to cater for any special needs including religious, vegetarian and allergies.


A high priority is placed on meeting the 5+ fruit and vegetables per day and students are encouraged to make healthy choices. Fruit and snacks are available after school for students. Facilities are also available for students to prepare their own hot and cold drinks, snacks and special food.


Breakfast is available every morning in the dining room with a selection of cereals, fruit, yoghurt, toast and spreads as well as a variety of hot options through the week.


Lunches are delivered to the school, and students make their own sandwich style lunch once a week.


Dinners are served in the dining room every evening.

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