Auckland International College

IB Diploma Programme

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme – Year 12 & 13

The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) was selected by AIC as the high school leaving qualification that best fit AIC’s vision. (To be New Zealand’s global pathway school through outstanding academic achievement and offers of place from the world’s leading universities)


The IBDP is a demanding course designed for able students aged 16-19 years old. While highly academic, the programme aims to educate the whole person, helping students to become critical thinkers and independent and caring young men and women.


Student performance is graded according to criteria which are moderated internationally.


The broad concept of the IB curriculum ensures that students develop a well-rounded understanding, with each student selecting one subject from each of the groups shown in the diagram below. Three key curriculum components, apart from the more traditional subject/discipline areas, make up the ‘core’ of the hexagon. These are:

  • Extended Essay: assists students in becoming independent learners who will succeed at university.
  • Theory of Knowledge: develops critical and reflective thinking.
  • Creativity Activity and Service (CAS) : Through the CAS programme, all students must give their time to provide service to others in the community.

    The CAS programme ensures that IB graduates are healthy and that they recognise the importance of service

AIC has one intake per year for the AIC IB Diploma programme for Year 12 students. The date for this intake is July 2022.


AIC follows the northern hemisphere school timetable to allow our students more opportunities and choices when applying to universities all over the world.


Please note we are now accepting applications beyond 2021 (2022, 2023, 2024). Before submitting an enrolment application, please communicate the admissions team directly to ensure spaces are still available.


From time to time, places may become available for the 2021 academic year. Please communicate your interest directly to our admissions  team who will advise you if there any openings for your child.

IB Diploma Programme Chart