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The Preparation Year Programme

The Preparation Year Programme for the IB Diploma – Year 11

The Year 11 Preparation Year Programme equips students with the skills and knowledge required to meet the demands of the IB Diploma Programme. Each student studies all of the subjects offered in the Diploma Programme, allowing them to make an informed and appropriate choice of subjects for the IB Diploma.


In addition, the programme ensures the well-being of students through Health and Social Education, Recreation and Sport, and through participation in College-wide IB Diploma CAS activities.


Assessments in Year 11 are designed to familiarize students with the type of learning tasks they will meet in the IB Diploma courses, and will include essays, oral presentations, commentaries and written tasks. There are examinations in term 4.


This course is offered online to overseas students while New Zealand’s border is closed. Timetabled classes are taught in real-time by AIC’s IB teachers. A mentor guides and supports each student’s on-line learning. Once borders are open and students have arrived at AIC, the classes will continue in Auckland, New Zealand with the same teachers and the same programme.


AIC has three intakes for the Preparation programme IB Diploma for Year 11 Students. The dates for the three intakes are: July (4 terms) , October (3 terms) and January ( 2 terms).


AIC follows the northern hemisphere school timetable to allow our students more opportunities and choices when applying to universities all over the world.


Please note we are now accepting applications beyond 2021 (2022, 2023, 2024). Before submitting an enrolment application, please communicate the admissions team directly to ensure spaces are still available.


From time to time, places may become available for the 2021 academic year. Please communicate your interest directly to our admissions team who will advise you if there any openings for your child.

Year 11 On-line Class