Auckland International College

How to Apply


Step 1

Application for Enrolment

Please read the Terms and Conditions and then complete the Application for Enrolment Form and forward to [email protected] .  The following items are required with the application (check before submitting the application):

  • Passport size photograph of applicant
  • Photocopy of birth certificate/passport/student visa
  • Photocopies of two most recent school reports*
  • Photocopies of other relevant academic qualifications (including English language proficiency tests)*

*for all international applicants, photocopies must be certified ‘true and correct’

Step 2

All students whose parents are not living in Auckland must apply for AIC Boarding or AIC Homestay. Please fill in the Boarding Application Form and forward it to AIC Admissions, or fill in the on-line Homestay Application Form.

Step 3

Testing and Interviews

Following receipt of the application, the applicant will be invited to sit the AIC entrance tests.  The applicant may then be invited for a short interview at the school.

Step 4

Enrolment Confirmation

In the event of a successful application, the applicant will receive a written Offer of Place.  To secure this place, the relevant documents must be completed and returned to the school.  Payment of fees (as detailed in the Admissions supplement) will be required before the student may commence study.

Please forward your application to:

Admissions Manager
Auckland International College
PO Box 3966, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140
New Zealand

Or email your application to:

[email protected]

For students using education agents please apply through the agent.

If you have questions about the process please call +64 9 309 4480 and ask to speak to one of our Admissions team.