Auckland International College


Fees Schedule and Payment

For NZ Citizens and Permanent Residents

TUITION NZ Dollars (GST Inclusive)
Enrolment Fee (non-refundable) $2,000.00
AIC English for Senior Secondary Studies (Year 10 half-year course) $8,000.00 per 2 terms or $4,052.00 per term (2/3)
Preparation Year Programme for the IB Diploma (Year 11) $22,300.00 per year or $5,627.00 per term (2/3)
IB Diploma (Year 12 and 13) $22,800.00 per year or $5,752.00 per term (2/3)

Fees Schedule and Payment

TUITION NZ Dollars (GST Inclusive)
Enrolment Fee (non-refundable) $2,000.00
AIC English for Senior Secondary Studies (Year 10 half-year course) $12,000.00 per 2 terms (3)
Preparation Year Programme for the IB Diploma (Year 11) $37,000.00 per year (3)
IB Diploma (Year 12, 13) $37,500.00 per year (3)
Health and Travel Insurance $633.00 per year
Health and Travel Insurance (Year 10 half-year course) $316.00 per half-year

Accomodations AIC Boarding Establishment July 2021 – June 2022

AIC Boarding NZ Dollars (GST Inclusive)
Accommodation Administration Fee (non-refundable on entering AIC Accommodation) $250.00
Airport transfer to AIC boarding establishment $100.00
Boarding Activity Fee $200.00 per year
Accommodation key hire $16.00
Bed Linen for AIC Boarding (compulsory) $200.00
Boarding Fee (shared room, meals, utilities and College shuttle bus included) Year10 - 24 weeks, 11 and Year 12 - 47 weeks $18,000.00 per year4
$9,270.00 per half-year4
Boarding Fee (shared room, meals, utilities and College shuttle bus included) Year 13, 42 weeks $16,100.00 per year4 $9,270.00 first half year4 $7,320.00 second half year4

Accomodation – Homestay

Homestay NZ Dollars (GST Inclusive)
Homestay Placement Fee includes initial airport pickup $1,000.00
Homestay Placement Fee after initial placement $250.00
Moving to new family $150.00
Homestay residential care visits $300.00
Airport transfer unaccompanied minor $150.00
Airport transfer $100.00
Homestay Fee (meals, utilities included, transport to/from school excluded) $15,050.00 for 43 weeks ($350.00 per week)


Item Cost Quantity Total Cost
Blazer 350.00 1 $350.000
Trousers $200.00 1 $200.00
Long-sleeved Shirt $40.00 1 $40.00
Short-sleeved Shirt $35.00 1 $35.00
PE T-shirt $44.00 1 $44.00
Track Suit Jacket $78.00 1 $78.00
Track Suit Pants $45.00 1 $45.00
Sport Shorts $31.00 1 $31.00
AIC School Bag6 $77.00 1 $77.00
Total $900.00


Item Cost Quantity Total Cost
Blazer $320.00 1 $320.000
Skirt $230.00 1 $230.00
Long-sleeved Blouse $40.00 1 $40.00
Short-sleeved Blouse $35.00 1 $35.00
PE T-shirt $44.00 1 $44.00
Sport Shorts $78.00 1 $78.00
Tracksuit Jacket $45.00 1 $45.00
Tracksuit Pants $31.00 1 $31.00
AIC School Bag6 $77.00 1 $77.00
Total $900.00

For All Students

TUITION NZ Dollars (GST Inclusive)
Placement Test Fee $36.00
IB Diploma Examination Fees (once only payment in Year 13) Approx. $1,500.00
Textbook Hire $400.00 per year
Student Diary $20.00 per year
ID Card $14.00 per year
Educational Membership Fee $16.00 per year
Development Levy $300.00 per year
PSAT Fee (compulsory for Y11 and Y12) Approx. $45.00
Annual course related fee (charged at the end of each term) Approx. $500.00 per year


  1. During winter, a plain black V-neck cardigan or jersey may be worn under the blazer. It must not be visible below the bottom of the blazer and must not be worn without the blazer.
  2. During summer, students choosing to wear a hat must wear either a plain black or white cap only.


  1. All fees are effective as from 1ST July 2021. AIC reserves the right to amend its fees.
  2. If paying by school term a $52.00 instalment fee is included.
  3. Any new enrolment, a discount of 5% off tuition fees only, is given to the youngest child where one family member has attended previously. This discount increases to 10% for the youngest child where two or more family members have attended previously. Both NZ citizens and International students are eligible. AIC may request evidence of relationship.
  4. Should there be no place available, students wishing to reside in the AIC boarding establishment will be placed in AIC homestay on a waiting listed until a boarding establishment place becomes available.
  5. AIC boarding establishment is closed for approximately one month during the December-January school holiday and during the June-July school holiday in 2020. Students may reside at the AIC boarding establishment at all other times during the year.
  6. $75 per week is payable to hold a room if a student is absent from homestay during July and January school holidays. Students can leave belongings in the room during these holidays, but they must be packed up and out of sight.
  7. The accommodation and homestay fee need to be paid in advance and may be paid half yearly or annually according to the date of the commencement of tuition. There will be no fee reimbursement for any student who leaves AIC for any reason during the term.
  8. Students wishing to transfer from AIC boarding establishment to AIC Homestay are required to give notice in writing to AIC Homestay Coordinator the previous term. Transfers occur only at the end of the following term.
  9. AIC uniforms, except for plain black jersey or cardigan, any plain black or white cap, must be purchased only from the AIC school shop and are available in standard sizes (including shirts, etc) for immediate purchase; however, fitting alterations must not change the uniform style e.g. narrowing of trousers or shortening of skirts. Such alteration costs are not included in the uniform costs quoted and students are advised to take their uniforms to an alteration shop. Please note: AIC may occasionally run out of the size a student requires; if this occurs, it may take approximately 2 months for the order to arrive.
  10. Or plain black bag of choice.
  11. Credit cards: Only Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards will be accepted. For payment of any fees by credit card: a 5% credit card   surcharge will apply for Visa and Mastercard transactions; a 6% credit card surcharge will apply for American Express transactions.
  12. All students not residing with parents are required to reside either in the AIC boarding establishment or in AIC organized homestay.